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Patio & Sliding Glass Doors

Patio & Sliding Glass Doors for Erie, PA

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your utility bills and lower your carbon footprint, the best way to enhance your home is with sliding glass doors from Steve Logan The Window Man. We’ve seen it all. Many homeowners are forced to get creative by placing blankets over their patio doors to keep warm in the winter. Our energy-efficient patio door replacements are made by the most professional and skilled union craftsmen in America, so you won’t have to use perfectly good blankets to insulate your windows!

While our competitors can only offer you dual pane or argon low-E glass with an R-rating of 4 or less, we can offer you an incredible R-rating of 9 using the most innovative technology known to man. Our patio doors keep out the bitter winter cold while keeping out noises, dust, pollutants, pollen and drafts.

sliding glass doors Erie, PA

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Contact our team when you need to replace your old patio door or sliding door. Pick up the phone and call Steve Logan, your trusted window man. We’ll come to your house, answer your questions and give you a free, handwritten quote without any obligation on your part. We have decades of experience working in the Erie, PA area!

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